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Emeriti Society

History and Purpose
In the fall of 1988, The Chronicle of Higher Education ran an article on Emeriti organizations which caught the eye of some recently retired University faculty. The article featured Emeriti organizations at several colleges and universities, and noted that more such groups were being formed as increased numbers of faculty were reaching the so-called retirement age. Also, with a longer life-expectancy and the anticipation of active and productive lives, many retirees were even seeking a continuing relationship - part-time teaching or research - with their institutions. It seemed appropriate to consider forming such an organization at Pacific and a small group came together on November 30, 1988, and formed what is now the University of the Pacific Emeriti Society.

Objectives of the Society

  • To maintain a continuing relationship with the University.
  • To be of service to the University.
  • To maintain a collegial relationship with one another.
  • To assist in providing recognition and benefits for future faculty retirees. 

Upcoming Events

Fall Luncheon
Thursday, October 26 10:00am - 1:30pm Alumni House
Guest Speaker: Lydia Fox "Water and the Calif Delta"
(See invitation with event schedule)

Holiday Wine & Cheese
Friday, December 1 3:00 - 5:00pm Alumni House
Come with your spouse/partner to enjoy
colleagues and celebrate the year.