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Career Paths

Are you curious about what you can do with a degree in Data Science?  One of the things that make data science so exciting is that it has a wide variety of applications in an ever-growing number of fields.  For example, the collection, analysis, and visualization of increasingly large amounts of data are changing the very nature of business and research.  The emergence of huge data sets are fundamentally altering the way that scientists are conducting research in every discipline including biology, chemistry, physics, and social science to name a few.  Engineers and scientists are collecting vast quantities of data through low cost sensors, "smart" machines, and highly instrumented engineering systems.  

As such, the career paths below are Pacific's way of giving you a snapshot of options and are examples of some of the growing areas in data science and analytics.


Data science is quickly becoming a key concern within the health care field.  Data scientists use data to help healthcare providers develop better systems for managing risk and improving patient outcomes.  By preparing, analyzing, and evaluating data, data scientists work towards improving the effectiveness, safety, and quality of healthcare.

Healthcare Analytics For Everyone (video) 
Healthcare Dives Into Big Data (InformationWeek)

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Are you a baseball fan?  If so, then you know the importance of knowing what a batter's batting average is against right-handed versus left-handed pitchers.  Does your team's star pitcher's ERA jump in the playoffs?  How many interceptions did your team's quarterback throw last season?  These types of statistics and more are what make sports a field uniquely suited to data collection, just ask the folks behind Moneyball.  Data science is increasingly used to evaluate player and team performance, player compensation, and even injury forecasting to help build strong, competitive teams.  

8 Big Ways Big Data and Analytics Will Change Sports (CIO - written by Lauren Brousell)
What Businesses Can Learn From Sports Analytics (MIT Sloan Managment Review - written by Thomas H. Davenport)

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Business analytics takes a large amount of data and makes it useful for answering the questions at the forefront of a business' mind.  Some such questions include: which product will do well in the market and with which consumers; will this sale get customers into our store or on to our website; how can we anticipate and manage market trends and risk?  Businesses are in need of highly-trained data professionals who know how to work with data to find answers to these and other questions.

Data Analytics Is Fueling Business Growth (Baseline - written by Dennis McCafferty)
Data Is The Key To The Factory Of The Future (Center For Data Innovation - written by Daniel Castro)

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The application of data analytics in law domain is growing extremely fast.  Only a few of years ago, data analytics was applied mainly to discovery but today it is changing how the legal world conducts almost every aspect of their work. From jury selection to the determination of damages, cost reduction to prediction and prevention of crime, data analytics is transforming how legal and law enforcement agencies operate

How Lawyers and Law Firms Operate In A Big Data Way (Inside Counsel - written by David J. Walton)
Law Firm Counts On Analytics For Profitability (Informationweek - written by Michael Fitzgerald)
The Dawn of Big Data (ABA Journal - written by Joe Dysart)

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Have you heard about the latest company to have a data breach?  Data scientists are crucial to securing the data owned and stored by entities both public and private, regardless of the entity's size or domain.  Data science provides the critical insights that expose security weaknesses that criminals might try and exploit, as well as forensic analysis of user behavior, or predictive analysis of potential hacking attempts. Data science and analytics are essential components of today's security tool kit.

The Big Data Security Analytics Era Is Here (RSA Security video)
Information Security Analysts (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Mastering Security Analytics (Informationweek)

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Data science and analytics are important areas that are impacting everything we do. For example, the introduction of smart meters and improved maintenance systems is changing the energy sector. Predictive analytics has changed how political campaigns target voters, and businesses are using social media to make their companies more receptive to their customers. Data science and analytics can be applied to every aspect of our working and personal lives.

Learning Analytics Doesn't Just Measure Student's Progress - They Can Shape It (The Guardian - Rebecca Fergueson) 
Music Analytics Is Helping The Music Industry See Into The Future (The Guardian - written by Kadhim Shubber)
5 Ways Advanced Analytics Is Changing Real Estate (Mashable - written by James O'Brien)

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